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Nortel BCM450


Business Communications Manager 450 is the next generation platform for the Business Communications Manager, with expanded capabilities including support for up to 300 VoIP or digital telephones, a Linux OS, and a more powerful processor that any other BCM system.
The Business Communications Manager 450 comes with hundreds of telephony features and a full suite of integrated applications pre-loaded "in the box" - as your business needs evolve, you can easily activate more capabilities. Rich multimedia applications can be activated to voice-and chat-enable a website. These features are all orderable via simple software keycodes and do not require extra hardware.

Exciting New Feature in BCM Release 5.0


Enables simultaneous ringing of up to 5 external devices (cell-phone, PDA, etc.) when a call is received by a desk phone on the BCM system. Supports active call hand-off back and forth between different devices. Users can customize forwarding schedule based on time-of-day and day-of-week

InTouch (federated presence)

A simple, streamlined and integrated method of communicating with business and personal contacts. The application offers click-to-call, presence information and Instant Messaging (IM) — all within a simple expanded Microsoft Outlook window. Delivers true federated presence, and popular integrated communications applications and capabilities. InTouch lets users communicate easily with anyone in their personal directory - across Microsoft Outlook, Nortel BCM, MSN, and Skype for click-to-call, click-to-IM and click to e-mail.

Message Forwarding: a must for employees on the go

Sends an email message when new messages arrive in a subscriber’s voice mailbox. The feature attaches the voice message or fax as a linear WAV file to the forwarded email message so the user can play the voice message or display the fax message on the destination device (e.g., BlackBerry). This facilitates the simplification and consolidation of messaging services so that the users can ensure that important messages are received, even when they are on the move. Voice, fax or text messages can be forwarded to a wide variety of email clients and PDAs keeping employees connected to customers and each other wherever they go. You can attach a compressed WAV file to the email, so users can play the voice message or see the fax message on the destination device. Its simple to install with no add-on client software or firmware required. Simply activate Message Forwarding with the existing BCM Unified Messaging authorization codes.

BCM450 Brochures

BCM 5.0 Brochure

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