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Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM)

Made by Nortel Networks, with more than a century of experience in shaping the evolution of communications, the Business Communications Manager (BCM) delivers small/medium-sized businesses and branch offices the only converged voice/data solution in the industry, providing a choice of IP-enabled or pure-IP strategy. Leveraging existing Meridian, Norstar, and Communication Server 1000 investments, BCM has the capabilities businesses need including IP telephony, unified messaging, multimedia call center, interactive voice response, IP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless, and more. 



BCM Digital and IP Phones



Business Communications Manager 50 serves sites with 3 to 50 stations, yet scalable to serve more than 40 stations.

Business Communications Manager 450 serves sites with 30 to 300 stations.

IP and Digital - a Hybrid Solution That Makes Sense
Both the BCM50 and the BCM450 can utilize a mix of either Nortel digital T-Series phones or Nortel IP phones pictured. This provides the benefit of deploying proven and reliable digital telephones where existing voice grade infrastructure is already in place. Many times this makes more sense than spending thousands of dollars to upgrade your data network to provide Quality of Service (QoS) and Power over Ethernet (PoE) required by IP telephones.

Additionally, a pure IP telephone system costs more to service and maintain as customers will pay a substantially higher hourly rate for technicians with specialized IP telephony training and certifications.

These reasons make the Nortel BCM the best choice to provide you with an affordably priced telephone system while still providing the benefits of an IP telephone system such as remote IP extensions, IP trunks to connect seamlessly to other systems, browser based management, and Unified Messaging.

BCM Information and Brochures

BCM Systems
BCM Release 5.0 (for BCM50 and BCM450)
BCM 400
BCM 200 and 400 Specifications
BCM 50
BCM 50 Specifications
BCM Administration Interface
BCM Monitor
BCM CallPilot Voicemail Administration Interface
BCM Convergence
BCM Security
Migrating from Norstar to BCM

BCM Phones

BCM Digital and IP Phones
T7316e Digital Phone
IP Phone 1230
IP Phone 1140e
IP Phone 1140e Close Up
IP Phone 1120e
IP2007 IP Phone
Nortel Digital Mobility Wireless Phones
BCM Feature List

BCM Optional Enhancements
Convertec CRM - Integrate your phone with Microsoft Outlook
Convertec Call Navigator - Brings your Nortel phone to your desktop
Convertec Console.NET - Enhanced Attendant Console on your desktop

BCM Optional Applications
BCM Voice Messaging

BCM Fax Messaging
BCM Intelligent Contact Center
BCM Intelligent Contact Center Administration and Reporting
BCM Integrated Voice Response (IVR)
BCM Survivable Remote Gateway

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